Welcome in Monk Sandals world

Welcome on our website. We are the first Polish manufacture producing hand made, minimalistic sandals for running. Our main goal is to offer a great quality sandals which suit personal needs and meet expectations of even the most demanding customers. Due to special design and selected, high quality materials, Monk Sandals are very durable and light. Wearing MonkSadnals gives you true pleasure, satisfaction, comfort and real feeling of natural movement.

Monk Sandals

When we say MonkSandals we mean by that a comfortable and durable sandals. Our inspiration to create such shoes was inner necessity to bring us back to nature, to give more freedom to our feet and body. In our sandals you can easily run, walk or hike. Special design and used materials give you a real feeling of natural movement with the protection for the feet at the same time. Monk Sandals are very light, comfortable, precisely made, minimalistic and durable. Those are the main values of our sandals.


Our mission is popularization of physical activity and natural movement in general. Having this in mind we’ve created these minimalistic sandals which became a great tool on our way to get reconnected to the nature and to ourselves. Due to special construction and used materials you can use them for running, hiking or walking in the city, yet still having a feeling as walking barefoot. Thanks to this you will feel true freedom and pure joy of every step you make.