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Start your own adventure with Monk Sandals

If you are looking for a product, truly made with passion and by hand you are in the right place.

Our sandals - Monk Sandals - are very comfy and durable, designed for all kinds of activities. 

Due to special construction and used materials you can use them for running, hiking or walking in the city. 

Monk Sandals are great no matter where you are, no matter what you do.

In the process of creating our sandals we took inspiration from nature, in order to release our feet from shoes and other limitations. 

Thanks to this you will feel true freedom and pure joy of every step you make,

Monk Sandals are very light, comfortable, precisely made, minimalistic and durable. Those are the main values of our sandals.

Every single pair of Monk Sandals is a hand made product for an individual order which suits your personal needs.

Sandały Biegowe Monk Sandals Akcesoria

Discover more

In our store you’ll find not only sandals made for running or walking but also other products connected with our passion. That’s why along purchasing any of Monk Sandals model you can buy  a hand made, ceramic vessel (cup) for drinking Yerba Mate. This vessel (cup) is signed with Monk Sandals logo, and was made in the workshop located nearby Cracow.

For our fans we’ve got something special - two types of trucker caps and warm neck-tube/hat. 

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Meet us

Monk Sandals is a small, local company created out of true passion to the sport and handicraft. The first vision was quite simple - create a running sandals for ourselves. We’ve started with remodeling an old pair of thongs. After dozens of modifications and upgradings we’ve finally  created something unique. And then we wanted to share it with others.

Our sandals are great for all kind of activities, support natural movement of feet and whole body. 

From the very beginning we put great emphasis on quality, details and unique customer service. Actually we are proud of our individual way of approaching every single client. Beginning with personalization of sandals and end up on nice product packing.

We put all the heart on every step to resonate with our customer needs.  

Hand made


Every single pair of Monk Sandals is a hand made product for an individual order which suits your personal needs. We put great emphasis on quality and details.



Our products are minimalistic in all meanings. Construction of our sandals is simple but very practical. Due to special design and selected materials, Monk Sandals can be used for all kinds of activities, such as running, hiking or walking in the city. Our products are hand made with passion.

Zero waste


In our production process, based on „less waste attitude” scheme we are able to avoid producing tons of useless leftovers. Monk Sandals are made for an individual order that’s why we don’t have to stock them, saving space and energy. 

Our sandals are nicely packed with eco friendly materials.