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Monte Silentii
  • Monte Silentii
  • Monte Silentii
  • Monte Silentii
  • Monte Silentii
  • Monte Silentii

Monte Silentii II


Model Monte Silentii II:
Sandals dedicated to running. features: 
- 10mm Vibram sole,
- innovative solution,
- low weight,
- high durability,
- high adhesion to the ground,
- ideal for forest tracks, gravel and asphalt roads.

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Monte Silentii II

Monte Silentii are dedicated to running. Sandals fitted with threaded Vibram sole 10mm thick ideal for forest tracks, gravel and asphalt roads. The binding system of Monte Silentii makes it ideal for running.  

Features sole 10mm:

- small and handy
- low weight
- high durability   Application - running in fields and on asphalts as well
- as a common city sandals
- walks and hikes
- cycling in a city
- everyday use
- driving a car  

choose the correct size :   SIZING 

Properties of Monk's sandals:

1. Vibram soles Vibram

Renowned Italian company who is well known around the world, produces soles for shoes with the highest quality. Because of properties of soles (like strength and adhesiveness) Italian's company has got great popularity. Vibram's soles is used for production most of the mountain's shoes. 

2. Main strap

Strap is made of polypropylene which is very high resistance to tearing and friction. Stamina of the strap is about 620 lb (280kg). Strap is made in Poland. 

3. Self-locking buckle

Self-locking buckles are made by renowned American company ITW NEXUS. This company has been working at plastic buckles for 25 years, which is graet guarantee of the best quality of the product. 

4. Innovative binding system

Solution of the binding system. It's very simple and similar to type used in traditional sandals but because of soft and flexible straps connected to self-locking buckle, this makes regulations fast and easy straight to foot shape.               

5. Binding system

All items have been sewn handmade All production is a handmade, from the beginning as cutting soles in correct size and shape up to the end like sewing straps and trade marks. Because of great care and handmade style of production, this makes pare of MonkSandals as a unique.           

6. All items have been sewn handmade                

7. The innovative system NIT-LOCK

The innovative system NIT-LOCK Vibram soles is connected to the straps by high-strength rivets. This makes the connections are very solid. Because of this system You don't have to warry about separation straps from the soles.  

200 Items

Data sheet

200 gram (size 42)
10mm Vibram
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